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Family Medicine & Health and Wellness Specialist located in Louisville, KY

Are the pressures of today’s world causing you increased stress levels?  Loss of sleep? Do you need a little pep in your step with an energy booster or something to help improve mental clarity?  Carrying around a little extra weight?  Worried about adding harsh chemicals to your face and body? At Jarvis Family Medical Services in Louisville, Kentucky, patients can choose from a variety of CBD holistic treatments for weight loss, pain relief, skin care, and more. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

About Oxzgen Holistic CBD

Jarvis Family Medical Services has partnered with OXZGEN to offer health enhancing CBD (cannabidiol) products to our patients. Every OXZGEN product is manufactured with the very finest CBD and grown exclusively in the U.S. The CBD in OXZGEN comes from hemp farms all across the county and is organically grown. OXZGEN has one of the largest selections of life-enhancing products in the industry.

We are excited to offer this suite of products to our patients. Through our partnership with OXZGEN, we believe that our patients will achieve their overall health and well-being goals.

Click here to see the entire line of Oxzgen CBD products we have available.