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A cancer diagnosis can be scary, and patients need to explore all possible paths to recovery and wellness. At Jarvis Family Medical Services in Louisville, Kentucky, Karla Jarvis offers several alternative treatments for cancer, including Low Dose Naltrexone, vitamin C infusion therapy, supplements, and more. You may want to consider these options, even if you are simultaneously receiving traditional cancer treatment. Talk to the caring, experienced experts at Jarvis Family Medical Services about alternative cancer treatments by calling or scheduling an appointment online today.

Alternative Treatments for Cancer Q & A

What is Naltrexone and does it work for cancer?

Naltrexone is an FDA-approved drug originally used to help patients fighting alcohol and opioid addiction. However, over time, doctors have noticed that very small doses of this drug also had a positive effect on other autoimmune diseases, including cancer. Studies have shown that low dose Naltrexone significantly reduces tumor size, inhibits tumor growth, supports immune function, increases the effectiveness of natural killer cells such as t-cells and b-cells, and stimulates apoptosis (cancer cell death). It is most effective in treating lymphoma and pancreatic cancer.

Do vitamin C infusions help fight cancer?

While there is no evidence that vitamin C alone can cure cancer, some studies have shown that vitamin C infusions in large doses can slow or even stop the growth of some tumors. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have found it to increase the effectiveness of some radiation and chemotherapy treatments, especially for those with colorectal cancer. Karla Jarvis will work with patients currently undergoing traditional cancer treatment and communicate with their cancer doctors to determine if Vitamin C infusions can help patients supplement their traditional cancer treatments.

Can supplements fight cancer?

Nutrition and vitamin supplements can be an important part of a cancer treatment plan. Certain herbs and supplements have been found to have cancer-fighting properties, improving immunity, increasing free radical production, fighting tumor growth, and helping to boost the body’s own natural cancer-fighting defenses.

Karla Jarvis can help patients develop a plan to find the best anti-cancer herbs and supplements to attack each person’s cancer from the right angle, working with oncologists as necessary. Supplements also work more effectively for cancer treatment when they are rotated, taken some for a period of time, then alternated with others, returning to the original regimen on a prescribed schedule.

Karla Jarvis will also work with cancer patients on nutrition and lifestyle coaching, helping them achieve a better quality of life and building strength to fight their cancer. From small to large changes, cancer patients increase their chances of successfully fighting cancer by partnering with Karla Jarvis to make adjustments to their diet and lifestyle.

For people in Louisville fighting cancer, Jarvis Family Medical Services offers many different types of alternative cancer treatments that can increase their chances of living a longer, healthy life. Call or schedule an appointment online with Karla Jarvis to learn more.